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Question in Category General

Where is your factory and show room located?

Our production facility and the Show Room are located in Tegal Wangi village, Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia. It will take 25 minutes from Train station in Cirebon to our warehouse.

Do you have a showroom where I can see your product?

Yes, we have a showroom here in Cirebon together with warehouse which contains many excellent and selected of fine and luxurious furniture.

Do you have a showroom outside of your country?

No, we do not have.

How many items will fit in a 20 foot or 40 foot container?

The volume of a container depends solely on items purchased. We can help you to calculate the volume of your purchased based on item you select and tell you what percentage you need to add or subtract to meet requirement and fill up the container capacity.

I am planning a trip to Indonesia soon. How do I find your places?

We can arrange to have someone pick you up at the Airport or your Hotel and bring you to our Showroom/Warehouse here in Cirebon. Or simply call us upon arrival and we will please to explain how to find our places.

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Question in Category Product

What are the color options for your product available?

You can find out in our choice any color for your item by visiting our website.

Do you have a choice for us to select a fabric for the cushion?

Yes, we have a standard fabric and we put in our website and you just visit our website to see the motif. But you have to know that to make a cushion there must be a minimum order. For special motif such as your design we have to discuss first with the fabric factory just to ask how long it will take to produce and how many yard is the minimum order.

How can I check your quality before I decided to purchase from you?

You can come to our showroom here in Cirebon or you can order sample which can be ship to you at your cost via Courier such as DHL, FedEx or EMS. Alternatively, you can hire an agent to do your Quality check for you. For sample delivery it will be at your cost

Do you guarantee your product?

Yes we do. All of our product are guaranteed to be standard quality, check in each department before go to the packing room. If there is some odd reason you receive a defective product from us, we will replace it on next shipment.

Can you manufacture a special design from our product/project or sample?

Yes, off course. We will need specific details with complete measurement including technical drawing, what material must use etc. All custom pieces are considered prototypes and pricing will depend on the volume order.

Can I view a sample before we place an order..??

No problem, we will arrange for a sample at your choice to be sent to your address via DHL, FedEx or other courier. All charges will be for your account

Can i purchase a lounge set with the cushion covers wrapped in white calico allowing me to cover the set in my own choice of fabric..??

Yes, this is possible and definitely will give you a price reduction on the fabric price that would have been used to upholster your set

Can i purchase the lounge set frame only..??

Yes, the stand-alone frames can be purchased, without cushion

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Question in Category Catalog

Can you send me more about information or printed catalog of your website?

We glad to offer you a variety range of our premium furniture from finest rattan to plastic furniture, from indoor into outdoor collection.
You can find it at our CD Catalog, where you can get our collection inside a CD-Room.
To get our CD Catalog I'm afraid I have to charge our supporting client with CD mailing cost, which is fully refunded through deduction on invoice of your first order.
Below is the cost from different region and what you'll get inside our catalog package.

1. US, Canada, Latin Americas : USD 45
2. Europe, Russia Middle East Africa, India : USD 35
3. Australia, the Pacifics : USD 30
4. Indonesia : USD 15

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Question in Category Term of Payment

What is your term of Payment?

We use LC Irrevocable at Sight with payment in any Bank in Indonesia

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Question in Category Price

If I get into some difficulties, what kind of technical support will I get?

You can contact us through the email, phone or yahoo messenger. For the further information please read the information at our contact.

What is your price offer?

We offer you F.O.B price (Free on Board) in Jakarta Port.

Do you have a price list on your website?

Our price list is separate from the Website. We receive a huge amount of inquiries everyday from all over the world. Our majority customer is wholesale distributor furniture, hotel project, interior and exterior design manager, large retail furniture etc. All of the prices for our product are depend by the volume of purchase. Since each customer has a specific set of needs in regard to volume of purchase and etc.

Can you keep the price for a period times?

"All prices could be changed with prior notice", But we will responsible for the Proforma already signed. The price might be change because there is something happen with our macro economic system but this thing happen will inform clearly to our customer and it can happen not all the time. We do care about pricing and we do not want to disturb except our reason on above.

Your prices are higher compare with some other companies I have inquired with?

Our simple answer is Quality. If you pay cheap prices then you will get cheap furniture. It's simple as that. We manufacture all our furniture with grade "A" quality, except if you have special request with the material then we can talk it over.

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Question in Category Delivery Time

What is your term of delivery?

We can do any kind term of delivery to your destination, it is all depend on your request, usually we use a Sea land Container in 20ft or 40ft.

How long it will take to produce my order?

Production time is normally 4 - 6 weeks depending on the product order and payment. If our term of payment uses LC is depend with our negotiation then put on the LC or if we uses Down Payment time start when we receive the money on our account. Large orders, for Hotels and other hospitality industry project can take longer but truly it's depends on the order.

How much is the shipping cost to my country?

Please advise your destination. Once we received the information as soon as we will trough this information to our selected shipping agency and they will respond with a shipping quote to the destination you specify.

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